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The moment you make a mistake in pricing, you’re eating into your reputation or your profits in your business. CHARGE YOUR WORTH!!!!


Virtual Mini Course $9️⃣9️⃣

When we decided to transition over for party rentals business after 10 years to event planning in 2014, we had no clue on what to charge for our services.

We didn’t want to charge too much, or too little, we just wanted to get booked . We did research and networked with event professionals around the world! At first we thought having 50% paid up front and 50% after the event and doing the services and get paid after was the route to go .

Boyyyyy we were wrong and learned from our mistakes ! Lessons Not Losses!

This is why we decided to create this mini course on pricing to make sure you guys don’t continue making the same mistakes we made in the beginning!


  1. You will learn how you to price your event planning services
  2. How to give prices with confidence 
  3. How we strategically break down pricing & without using our money
  4. How to create proposals & invoices
  5. How to bring in multiple streams of revenue in your event planning business How to identify & target your ideal
  6. How to make sure your'e paying yourself & covering all your expenses.


Pricing For Profits

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